RIP Carlo Bianchi

Carlo Bianchi

A legendary econometrician and a gentleman professor





Yesterday August 4, 2020, my mentor Prof. Carlo Bianchi passed away.

Here I posted a picture of the event we had at the University of Bologna in November 2015 when I took over the organization of his Summer School of Econometrics (

Carlo was more than a Professor. He was a gentleman who loved Econometrics and he could communicate to his students such a deep fondness for a subject that usually is considered hard and difficult to understand. I took his course and I fell in love with the subject and with the people who made the subject. I had the luck to meet and know many of the professors who were mentioned in the textbooks for a test or for a new econometric method. I could not have done that without Carlo.

I cannot find the right words to express my gratitude for all the things he did teach me during the preparation of my thesis. We used to start talking of my thesis on GARCH models in his little office in the attic of the Economics Department at the University of Pisa and we ended up talking of some of the professors Carlo had invited to his summer school. We usually were the last ones to leave the Department. Then we spent more time walking towards his home while talking about possible extensions of my work and about anecdotes about one of his friends in the Econometrics community around the globe. Then we used to spend hours on the little street under his apartment in downtown Pisa, still chatting. I was a student at one of his summer schools, a special one with his “American brother” Halbert White Jr from UCSD, who shared the same last name (“bianchi” in Italian means white) . It was memorable to listen to Hal White’s lectures in Bertinoro and after the class having the luxury to listen to him playing the trumpet. In Bertinoro I also met Tim Bollerslev and René Garcia and many others. Then I went to UCSD where I had the luck to study with Robert F. Engle, Clive Granger, James Hamilton, Graham Elliott, Allan Timmermann, Badi Baltagi, while meeting many other names Carlo mentioned in one of our many chats.

Thanks Carlo. You will be never forgotten. I will try to communicate that passion to the students at your legendary Summer School of Econometrics as Frank Diebold wrote in his blog (




PS: Please feel free to leave a thought for Carlo in the comments below. Thanks!

16 thoughts on “RIP Carlo Bianchi

  1. RIP Carlo, I attended your Summer School years ago when still at the Bank of Italy. Your big soul, your love for the discipline, your ability to start a School covering most recent developments, this was amazing, and– this is important to bear in mind now when everyone is discussing the sad and dismay nature of the economics profession– we had so much fun in learning together. Legendary, lots of gratitude for how I spent that summer. Good luck Juri — the school is in very good hands– farewell Carlo.

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    1. Ebbi l’opportunità di incontrare Carlo Bianchi anni fai, quando studiavo al dottorato in Statistica Economica dell’Università di Padova, e, frequentai il CIDE di Bertinoro. La valenza professionale e umana di Carlo fu così ingente che mi onorai della sua amicizia e costante interlocuzione che mi arricchì nella mia carriera e negli sbocchi professionali.
      Un sentito grazie di cuore, Caro Carlo, e che tu possa riposare in pace.

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  2. Farewell Carlo, although technically I have never been your student, sitting next to you at the various faculty meetings in Pisa made my stay there much sunnier. I will keep thinking back of the many fun anecdotes and stories that you told me, and of the many dinners we had together in Bertinoro. I will for sure never forget your laughter.

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  3. Carlo era una persona che lasciava il segno ad ogni incontro per le sue qualita’ come studioso, il suo entusiasmo, il suo calore e la sua generosita’. Una persona rara

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  4. I was a colleague of Carlo in Pisa before moving to Sant’Anna School. He encouraged me to study econometrics even if I was coming from a rather distant (at that time, still today) field such as management.
    We used to be the last to leave the office. At least a couple of times we were so late that the alarm bell started to ring. We then used to make a rush together to avoid the security people. We laughed and enjoyed like children.
    May you still laugh, Carlo.

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  5. Caro Professore, la tua bontà umana, la tua generosa passione per l’insegnamento, il tuo contagioso amore per l’econometria hanno lasciato un segno profondo nella mia vita di studente di economia. Ti sono profondamente grato per tutto ciò che mi hai insegnato sia dalla cattedra sia con l’esempio della vita. Ti ricorderò sempre con affetto e gratitudine.
    Sentite condoglianze alla famiglia.

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  6. Carlo è stato il “mio” professore. Mi sono commosso. Lo ricordo con stima e come persona di grande valore umano oltre che professionale.

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  7. I’ve just learned that Carlo passed away. I have spent some years in Pisa and had the chance to spend a lot of time with him. Together with Davide Fiaschi we helped Carlo to organize one of the editions of the Bertinoro Summer School in Econometrics (if you have not been there, you missed something). So much fun, so many memories. Carlo is one of the best persons I’ve met in academia, fully devoted to his work and to his students. You’ll be missed Carlo. Rest in peace.

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  8. Le lezioni di econometria del professor Bianchi, il suo entusiasmo per la sua materia, e la sua capacità di insegnarla rigorosamente senza mai prendersi troppo sul serio, sono tra i miei più cari ricordi degli anni dell’università. Ha lasciato il segno nella mia formazione, dal punto di vista accademico ma soprattutto umano – come gli scrissi qualche anno fa, incontrarlo decisamente cambiò la mia vita. Lo ricorderò con grande affetto e gratitudine.

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  9. I have attended Carlo’s course during my master path in finance and financial markets. I am devoted to him for his thoughts and to have led me towards the field of Quantitative Finance. He was my MVP “most valuable professor”, a gret Prof. and a really nice person!
    Thank you Prof. I’ll never forgot you and I wish you the best.

    Giulia Cartei

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  10. Dear Carlo, thanks for constantly passing on your passion to new generations of students, we will always remember your intellectual generosity, your uncountable stories, your humanity. I personally regained a passion for studying that I had lost along the way thanks to you and few other professors that I met while already working. With gratitude.


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  11. I had the pleasure and the privilege of being a Professor Bianchi’s student both for the Master in Finance at the University of Pisa and later in Bertinoro. He was impressive and able to make econometrics a subject easier than it really is. His anecdotes about his years in the US and all the stories about his long career are something that when I met some of his former students I like to remember with great joy. Thanks for everything Professor Bianchi.

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  12. Caro Professore, I will always be grateful for your enthusiasm, your cheerfulness and the passion you communicated to me as I was working on my thesis with you. I remember you were proud of me because I drove around Italy to collect my data and you used to tell everyone. Now that I look back I can see that I would probably be a different person if I hadn’t met you. Although I ended up in the business world what I do now is very close to the subject of my thesis with you. Farewell Professor Carlo.

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  13. I had the honor and the privilege of being a Carlo’s student for the Master in Finance at University of Pisa. I am devoted to him for his thoughts and to have led me toward the field of Econometrics and Quantitative Finance. Hai lasciato il segno della tua presenza nella mia vita, sia come grande professionista, sia come persona di immenso valore umano. Le chiacchierate nel tuo ufficio, dopo la lezione. La tua sigaretta sempre accesa, Ricordo le tue parole nel dirci che è la realtà fattuale quella che dobbiamo osservare, il riscontro con i dati reali quello di cui dobbiamo occuparci.
    Ti sono profondamente grato per quello che mi hai insegnato

    Raffaele Tranchitella

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  14. Sono Adriana Marina, student of Carlo 25 years ago, my life is before and after meeting Carlo, il piu grande, anche elegante Professore dal mondo!
    Such great person, intelligent, sensible, for always alive in my live

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  15. Sono davvero triste.
    Il Prof. Bianchi, Carlo, era semplicemente unico.
    Da studente l’ho apprezzato per la chiarezza e la dedizione.
    Poi siamo diventati amici e colleghi.
    Era bello andarlo a trovare, a casa, bere un caffè, fare due passi in città.
    Parlare di tutto e tutti.
    E poi, lui “carrarino”, io massese. Ci si punzecchiava sempre a riguardo.
    Mi mancherai molto, Prof.
    Buon viaggio, Carlo.

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